The thrilling first week of the 2023 Fantasy Football season has come to a close, leaving many participants puzzled and intrigued. The unpredictable nature of Week 1 is always challenging for enthusiasts, but it’s also one of the aspects that makes Fantasy Football such an exciting game.

Week 1 was filled with unexpected results and even more obscure statistics. This unpredictability can make drafting your team quite difficult; however, this challenge is part of what makes fantasy football so engaging and fun! 🏈

For those who found themselves on the losing end in Week 1, don’t despair just yet. There are still plenty of opportunities to turn things around in Week 2. Here are ten smash starts that could help you do just that:

Michael Pittman Jr., Wide Receiver (WR) for Indianapolis Colts: With his impressive performance last week, he proved himself as a capable wide receiver ready to take on any defense thrown at him.

Secondly, consider starting Josh Allen from Buffalo Bills if you’re looking for a reliable quarterback (QB). His consistency over time has proven beneficial to many fantasy owners.

Next up is Dalvin Cook from Minnesota Vikings – A running back (RB) known for his explosive plays which often result in high points tallying up quickly.

Another promising RB start would be Alvin Kamara from New Orleans Saints – He’s been consistently delivering strong performances throughout his career making him a safe bet almost every week!

At tight end position (TE), Travis Kelce from Kansas City Chiefs stands out due to his incredible ability not only catch passes but also gain significant yardage after each reception.

Consider adding DeAndre Hopkins WR Arizona Cardinals into your lineup too- His knack for finding open spaces combined with Kyler Murray’s accurate throws might prove fruitful this weekend!

Moving onto defenses now- San Francisco 49ers have shown their dominance by limiting opponents’ scoring chances significantly giving them potential edge against weaker offenses they’ll face in Week 2.

Another defense to consider is Pittsburgh Steelers – They’ve been consistently tough against the run, making them a good pick for your fantasy team.

For those looking for kicker options, Justin Tucker from Baltimore Ravens has proven his worth time and again with his consistent field goal conversions.

Lastly, if you’re looking for an all-round performer who can contribute in multiple ways on offense, Christian McCaffrey RB Carolina Panthers might be just the player you need!

Remember that these are only suggestions based on past performances and potential match-ups. Fantasy Football is always unpredictable so keep researching and adapting your strategy as needed!