🏈 In the fascinating realm of fantasy football, strategic decisions can make or break a season. The first week of games often sets the tone for what’s to come, which is why it’s crucial to have your lineup set with confidence. For those looking for advice on who should be in their starting roster for Week 1 of the 2023 season, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome everyone to another episode of FantasyPros Football Podcast where we bring you all things related to fantasy football – from waiver wire picks and expert rankings, to start/sit advice and trade tools. We’re here today with an exciting list: our top 18 must-start players for Week 1.

While every player’s performance can’t be predicted with absolute certainty, there are some athletes whose skills and track records suggest they’re likely to perform well in upcoming matches. These are our “must-start” players – individuals who should definitely find a place in your team during this opening week.

Our selection process involves analyzing past performances, understanding team dynamics, studying opponents’ strengths and weaknesses among other factors. This ensures that our recommendations aren’t just based on gut feelings but solid data analysis combined with years of experience watching these athletes play.

We also understand that each league has its own rules and scoring systems which may affect how valuable certain players might be relative others. That’s why we don’t just focus on big names; instead we strive provide balanced insights by considering different types of leagues including PPR (Points Per Reception), standard scoring leagues etc., when making our selections.

Amongst the notable mentions this year include several quarterbacks expected excel thanks their ability both run ball throw accurately under pressure; running backs known durability consistency as well potential rack up significant points through rushing yards touchdowns; wide receivers capable making spectacular catches even most difficult circumstances tight ends who serve reliable targets red zone situations due high catching percentages proximity end line scrimmage defensive special teams units proven record causing turnovers scoring points.

Remember, the key to winning in fantasy football isn’t just about having star players but also knowing when and how to use them. So as you prepare for Week 1 of the 2023 season, remember to consider not only our list of must-start players but also your own knowledge and intuition about your team and league.

We hope this guide serves as a valuable tool in your quest for fantasy football glory. But don’t forget – while we can offer advice based on statistics and trends, ultimately the decisions are up to you. After all, it’s YOUR team!

To stay updated with our latest insights and recommendations be sure download FantasyPros News App available both iOS Android platforms now. It’s an excellent resource that will keep you informed about player updates, injury news among other things which could potentially impact performance of your squad during course season.

Good luck everyone! Here’s hoping for an exciting first week filled with thrilling games outstanding individual performances from these must-start players more importantly successful start journey towards becoming champion your respective leagues!