As the 2023 NHL training camps approach with great speed, excitement fills the air. We’re a mere ten days away from preseason action and there’s an electric buzz of anticipation among fans and players alike. The lengthy offseason has been packed full of trades, free agent signings, and some significant strategic moves that have set the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating season.

One such strategic move was made by the Blackhawks who selected potential franchise superstar Connor Bedard. This is undoubtedly a game-changer for them as they look forward to demonstrating their revamped team in upcoming matches.

However, while we celebrate these exciting developments in fantasy hockey world, it’s crucial not to overlook certain pitfalls – particularly when it comes to selecting your fantasy hockey team 🏒

For those unfamiliar with Fantasy Hockey; this is where you get to create your own dream team using real-life NHL players. Your chosen player’s actual performance on ice contributes points towards your fantasy league score.

Now let’s dive into some key insights about which nine players could potentially be busts this year – i.e., they might underperform compared to expectations or their draft position:

1-5: These are typically high-performing athletes who may not live up to previous seasons’ standards due either injury risks or changes within their teams that may impact their ability perform at peak levels.

6-9: Players falling into this category are often promising newcomers or consistent performers whose current circumstances (such as being part of a weaker line) might hinder them from achieving top scores.

While drafting these individuals isn’t necessarily detrimental—after all, every athlete can have an off-season—it’s vital for managers participating in Fantasy Hockey leagues understand these risks before making decisions during draft time.

It becomes especially important if one is playing competitively as even minor miscalculations can significantly affect overall rankings over course season-long play period!

Remember though that no matter how much research you do, there’s always an element of unpredictability in sports. That’s what makes it exciting!

In conclusion, as you prepare for your fantasy hockey draft, keep these potential busts in mind. It might just save your team from a disappointing season and give you the edge over other players in your league.

As we eagerly await the whistle to signal start of preseason action; here’s wishing all Fantasy Hockey managers out there good luck with their drafts and may this be most thrilling season yet!