As the NHL training camps are fast approaching, we find ourselves just 10 days away from preseason action. After a lengthy offseason filled to the brim with trades, free-agent signings and even the Blackhawks’ selection of potential franchise superstar Connor Bedard, it’s time for us to delve into some essential information for fantasy hockey enthusiasts 🏒.

In this world where sports and statistics collide, forecasting player performance can be as unpredictable as predicting tomorrow’s weather accurately. The key is not only identifying players who will outperform expectations but also avoiding those likely to disappoint or underperform compared to their draft position.

Let me guide you through nine Fantasy Hockey players that might not live up to your expectations in 2023; these are what we call ‘busts’. A bust doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad players; instead, they may simply fail to meet high expectations set by last season’s performances or their current valuation in drafts.

Firstly on our list is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Despite being an exceptional talent and a critical part of Oilers offense over recent years, there are concerns about his consistency across an entire season which could impact his overall contribution significantly.

Next up is another big name whose past success may have inflated his perceived value – Sergei Bobrovsky. The veteran goaltender has had stellar seasons before but struggled recently with inconsistency issues that make him a risky pick at such a high price point in most fantasy drafts.

Third on our list is Max Pacioretty from Vegas Golden Knights. While he had an impressive run last year with 24 goals in just 48 games played during regular-season play plus five more during playoffs, one must consider whether he can replicate this form again next year given injury concerns surrounding him throughout his career so far.

Moving forward let’s talk about Brent Burns from San Jose Sharks – famous for both his beard and defensive skills! However age seems catching up with Burns resulting inconsistent performances last season which makes him a potential bust this year.

Number five is Evgeni Malkin, an elite center from Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite his undeniable talent and contribution to the team’s success over the years, recent injury concerns make him a risky pick in early rounds of your fantasy draft.

Sixth on our list is Taylor Hall who had quite an underwhelming 2021-22 season with Buffalo Sabres before being traded to Boston Bruins where he somewhat returned to form. However there are still doubts whether he can maintain that level consistently for upcoming seasons making him another potential bust candidate.

Seventh is Elias Pettersson of Vancouver Canucks – A young star whose performance has been hindered by injuries lately casting shadow over his reliability for next season’s Fantasy Hockey Drafts.

Eighth we have John Carlson from Washington Capitals – An excellent defenseman but age and increasing competition within team could impact his numbers negatively compared to previous seasons’ high standards set by himself!

Lastly, Carey Price lands ninth spot on our list. The Montreal Canadiens goaltender may be one of NHL’s best when healthy; however frequent health issues recently make it hard for anyone drafting him expecting consistent top-tier performances throughout 2023 season.

These nine players represent significant risk factors heading into the new hockey year due their past performances or current situations. It doesn’t mean they won’t contribute positively at all; instead it simply means you should proceed with caution while drafting them considering their relatively higher perceived values based on past successes!