The world of fantasy football is always filled with unexpected twists and turns, making it a thrilling experience for players. As we head into the second week of 2023, there are several key points to consider when deciding which players to start or sit. Here’s some advice that might help you make those tough decisions.

Firstly, let’s talk about potential sleepers – these are under-the-radar players who could unexpectedly give your team a boost this week 🏈. For instance, Sam LaPorta from the Lions has been showing promising signs in recent games. Despite not being widely recognized yet in the fantasy league community, his performance suggests he could be an excellent addition to your roster if picked at the right time.

Next on our list is another sleeper candidate whose name isn’t on everyone’s lips just yet but can potentially provide significant returns if given a chance. Although details remain undisclosed at this point due to strategic reasons within individual teams’ playbooks, keep an eye out for any emerging names during Week 2 matchups.

However, while looking for sleepers may seem exciting and rewarding when done correctly; it’s equally important to identify potential duds or chalky players as well – those who appear safe bets but might not perform as expected.

There are instances where even popular picks fail their expectations due to unforeseen circumstances like injuries or poor form against certain opponents. Therefore caution should be exercised before blindly following crowd favorites without considering other factors such as current form and match-up statistics.

Our featured analysts have named some possible underachievers based on their performances so far along with start/sit advice for Week 2 matches up ahead.

Remember that all these predictions come with inherent risks because they’re primarily based on past performances and future projections which aren’t guaranteed outcomes by any means.

In conclusion: careful consideration must go into every decision made in Fantasy Football since each choice can significantly impact overall results depending upon how things unfold on the actual game day. Happy strategizing for Week 2!