Welcome, football enthusiasts and fantasy league participants! We have arrived at Week 2 of the Fantasy Football season for the year 2023. As always, our goal is to provide you with some quick grades or start/sit advice for this week’s games 🏈.

The world of fantasy football can be unpredictable and challenging. Every decision made could potentially affect your team’s performance and rankings. That’s why we’re here – to guide you through these decisions by providing comprehensive weekly rankings, player grades, and start/sit advice.

Our consensus projections are derived from an extensive analysis of each player’s past performances, current form, match-ups against opposing teams’ defenses among other factors. These projections serve as a valuable tool in predicting players’ future performances which will help you make informed decisions about who should be in your starting line-up.

This week’s ranking includes data compiled by Derek Brown who has provided his invaluable insights into every game on tap this weekend through his weekly Primer feature. The primer offers detailed analyses that delve deeper into individual matchups that can give certain players an edge over others based on their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to note that while we strive to provide accurate predictions based on available data; there are variables such as injuries or sudden changes in strategy mid-game which may not always reflect accurately in projected scores or outcomes. Therefore it is essential to stay updated with latest news related directly or indirectly affecting your selected players so as not miss out any crucial information before finalizing your lineup.

We understand how intense things can get during the course of a football season especially when participating in a competitive environment like fantasy leagues where every point counts towards securing victory for one’s team hence our commitment towards helping you navigate smoothly through each round making strategic moves backed by reliable data-driven insights.

In conclusion, whether it’s deciding between two quarterbacks facing tough defenses or choosing which running back gets more touches due to favorable match-ups – we’ve got you covered for Week 2 of the Fantasy Football season. We hope that our rankings, grades and advice will help you make the best decisions for your team.

Remember to stay informed, be strategic in your choices, and most importantly – enjoy the excitement that fantasy football brings! Good luck with Week 2 and may all your players exceed their projected points!