Welcome, football enthusiasts! 🏈 We have a treat for you today as we delve into the top 36 running back rankings and tiers for Week 2 of the 2023 Fantasy Football season.

Fantasy football is all about making informed decisions based on player performance statistics, injury reports, and team dynamics. It’s not just about picking your favorite players; it’s a strategic game that can be won or lost based on how well you understand these factors.

In our latest episode of the FantasyPros Football Podcast, we break down each position in detail to help you make those crucial choices that could lead to victory. This week, we’re focusing specifically on running backs – often considered one of the most critical positions in fantasy football due to their ability to rack up points quickly through both rushing yards and receptions.

Our expert analysis has resulted in a comprehensive ranking system dividing the top 36 running backs into distinct tiers. These tiers are designed to give you an idea of which players are likely going to perform similarly during this week’s games.

The tier system allows us better organization when comparing athletes within similar performance brackets. By looking at groups rather than individual ranks alone, managers can get a broader perspective on who might bring them closer towards achieving their weekly point goals.

We also provide waiver wire picks for those last-minute additions or substitutions needed because let’s face it – injuries happen unexpectedly sometimes leaving gaping holes in our rosters that need immediate attention!

Additionally covered are start/sit advice sections where experts weigh-in with opinions regarding who should be starting based off recent performances versus upcoming matchups along with potential sleepers flying under everyone else’s radar but may surprise us all come game day!

And as always included is access information for getting hold of our unique trade tools which assist users by providing insight concerning value exchanges between different player types so they don’t end up shortchanged after finalizing deals leading up till kickoff time!

So why wait? Get ahead of the game and start strategizing for Week 2. Remember, knowledge is power in fantasy football. The more informed you are, the better chance you have at winning your league.

Make sure to check out our podcast and download the FantasyPros News App available on iOS and Android platforms to stay updated with all things related to fantasy football! With this wealth of information right at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you can’t dominate Week 2 of the 2023 Fantasy Football season.