Major League Baseball (MLB) fans and fantasy sports enthusiasts, gear up for an exciting Monday! 🧢 The main slate of MLB’s daily fantasy sports (DFS), which includes eight games, is set to kick off at 7:05 pm ET on DraftKings and FanDuel.

In the world of DFS, strategy is everything. It can be a complex task to select the perfect team within a given budget. But don’t worry – we’ve got some recommendations that might help you make your picks for today’s games.

Let’s start with our top three choices for starting pitchers. These players have been performing exceptionally well in recent games and are expected to continue their streak tonight. Their solid track record makes them valuable additions to any lineup.

Next up are two ‘stacks’. In DFS terminology, stacking refers to selecting multiple players from one team – usually those batting consecutively in a lineup – in hopes that if one player performs well, it will positively affect the others’ performance as well. Our chosen stacks come from teams that have shown strong offensive capabilities recently.

Now onto our three ‘studs’. Studs are high-performing players who may cost more but can drive significant points due to their consistent performances or match-up potential against opposing teams’ weaknesses. They’re worth considering despite their higher price tag because they could deliver game-changing results.

Lastly, let’s discuss values/punts – these refer to less expensive players who may not be stars but still hold potential for great performance based on certain factors like match-ups or recent form improvements. We’ve narrowed down three such value picks who could potentially provide much-needed balance by freeing up salary cap space while also contributing decent scores if things go right!

Remember though; this advice isn’t foolproof! There’s always unpredictability involved when dealing with live sporting events & individual performances so take these suggestions as guidance rather than gospel truth!

The beauty of playing DFS lies in the strategy involved – it’s about making educated guesses, taking calculated risks & hoping for the best! That’s what makes every game exciting!

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to check out our Weekly Trade Value Chart and Waiver Wire Advice. These tools can provide further insights into player performance trends and potential value picks.

As always, remember that while winning is fun, it’s important not to lose sight of why we play – for the love of baseball! Enjoy tonight’s games and best of luck with your lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel. Play ball!