In the thrilling world of college football, Week 3 seemed unassuming on paper. However, it delivered some unexpectedly close matchups and a few breakout offensive performances that stirred up the Devy Fantasy Football scene 🏈.

For those unfamiliar with devy or developmental fantasy football, this is where players are drafted from NCAA college teams before they enter the National Football League (NFL). It’s an exciting way to engage in player development and adds another layer to traditional fantasy sports.

Amongst these standout performances were three key figures: Riley Leonard, Jalen Milroe, and Malik Nabers. Each demonstrated considerable potential which could have significant implications for their standing in Devy Fantasy leagues.

Riley Leonard had an impressive game. His performance was solid throughout; consistently delivering under pressure shows he has what it takes to be a top-tier quarterback in future NFL drafts. The skills he displayed during this week’s game will undoubtedly increase his stock among devy league participants.

Jalen Milroe also made waves with his dynamic play style at quarterback position. His ability to adapt quickly within games showed excellent decision-making skills – something highly valued by both coaches and fantasy team owners alike. He proved himself as not just competent but potentially outstanding talent who can make big plays when needed most.

Lastly, wide receiver Malik Nabers’ performance caught everyone’s attention too! With quick feet and smooth handling ability combined with his knack for finding open spaces on the field makes him a valuable asset for any team lucky enough to draft him into their ranks.

As we move forward into subsequent weeks of college football season, keep your eyes peeled on these rising stars who may soon find themselves being talked about more frequently amongst serious devotees of devy fantasy leagues!

However one must remember – while risers grab headlines there are always fallers too! Not every player can maintain consistency over time or live up-to high expectations placed upon them initially.

It’s important therefore as a fantasy football enthusiast to keep track of both these risers and fallers. This will ensure you can make informed decisions when it comes to drafting your devy team.

In conclusion, week 3 may have seemed quiet on paper but the performances of Riley Leonard, Jalen Milroe, and Malik Nabers turned out to be anything but! They each demonstrated their potential in different ways that could significantly impact their value within Devy Fantasy Football leagues. So whether you’re an avid fan or just getting started with devy leagues, these are names worth remembering as we continue into this exciting college football season.