Welcome to the latest episode of the FantasyPros Football Podcast! 🎙️ Your hosts for this exciting ride through the world of fantasy football are none other than Ryan Wormeli, Derek Brown, and Andrew Erickson. These three experts will provide valuable insights that could just give your team an edge in Week 2.

This week’s discussion is all about making those crucial start or sit decisions. The panel has selected a whopping 36 players who they believe you should either be starting or sitting on your bench in Week 2. Among these players are Deon Jackson, Zay Flowers, and Garrett Wilson – names that every fantasy football player needs to keep on their radar.

Deon Jackson is one such name under consideration. His performance last week was impressive but does it warrant a spot in your starting lineup? Our trio debates this at length with each bringing unique perspectives based on their analysis of his past performances and potential future output.

Zay Flowers also makes it onto our list after displaying some promising signs during his previous game. Is he worth a gamble though? Will he continue his upward trajectory or will he falter as we move into Week 2?

Garrett Wilson is another interesting case study for our podcast crew today. He had quite an average outing last time around which raises questions about whether he deserves to be started or benched this coming weekend.

The key here isn’t simply predicting individual performances but understanding how these play out within larger team dynamics too – something our experts excel at doing!

As always, remember that while expert advice can guide you towards making better decisions; ultimately no one knows your team better than you do yourself! Take onboard what resonates with you from today’s discussions but don’t forget to trust your intuition too when setting up your line-up for the next round.

Join us again next time as we delve deeper into more start/sit conundrums and help navigate those tricky roster changes. Until then, happy playing and may the fantasy football gods be ever in your favor!