As we wrap up the second week of NFL 2023, it’s clear that chaos has already taken center stage. We’ve seen our fair share of surprises and disappointments, as well as some unexpected performances from rookies who didn’t get much attention in the spring.

🏈 From shocking upsets to star players underperforming, this season is shaping up to be one for the books. But don’t let these early-season shake-ups deter you; instead, use them to your advantage by making strategic trades in your fantasy football league.

Let’s start with Joe Mixon. Despite high expectations coming into this season, his performance so far hasn’t lived up to his potential. However, it’s important not to rush into trading him away just yet – remember that player values can fluctuate wildly during a season and patience often pays off.

Tony Pollard presents an interesting case too. He may have started out as a backup running back but he’s quickly proving himself on the field with impressive stats in both rushing yards and receptions.

Cam Akers is another name worth mentioning here: although he was sidelined due to injury earlier this year which caused many owners to lose faith in him – now might be a good time for those willing take risk on such players hoping they will bounce back stronger than ever before

Alvin Kamara seems like an obvious choice when considering trade options since he consistently performs at top-tier level each game but beware! His value could potentially drop if Saints decide switch their offensive strategy midseason causing decrease touches thus less opportunities score points Fantasy Football games

The key takeaway here is not panic even amidst all seeming chaos surrounding NFL right now Instead adopt flexible approach towards managing team keeping eye out possible trade opportunities arise Remember every week brings new set challenges victories alike So stay tuned upcoming weeks see how situation unfolds Happy Trading!