As the dust settles following an action-packed Week 1 of football, fantasy managers are already strategizing and making calculated trades to bolster their rosters. 🏈 The focus is on Derrick Henry, Alexander Mattison, and Rhamondre Stevenson – all strong candidates for consideration in the second week.

Derrick Henry has always been a powerhouse player with his exceptional ability to break tackles and dominate defenses. His potential as a trade candidate comes from his consistent performance over time. Despite having a quiet first week this season, one should not underestimate what he brings to the table.

Alexander Mattison is another name that’s generating quite some buzz in fantasy circles. As Dalvin Cook’s backup running back for Minnesota Vikings, he may seem like an unlikely choice at first glance; however, given Cook’s injury history coupled with Mattison’s proven talent when called upon makes him worth considering.

Rookie Rhamondre Stevenson of New England Patriots also finds himself under the spotlight after Week 1 performances unfolded across leagues. Though inexperience might be seen as a disadvantage for some rookies entering their debut seasons, it could work out favorably for others by offering them opportunities to prove themselves early on.

Joe Pisapia recently shared key insights into these players’ strengths during his video analysis session which can guide your decision-making process while trading or drafting these players onto your team roster.

The takeaway here is simple: don’t rush into decisions based solely on initial weekly performances or popular opinions alone. Instead take time analyzing each player’s past records along with current trends before finalizing any trades you plan to execute within your league.

Remember that every point counts when it comes down to winning matchups against other teams within your league so ensure you make well-informed choices about who gets traded off or drafted onto your squad.

In conclusion: keep tabs on Derrick Henry despite his slow start this season; do not overlook Alexander Mattison due to his position as a backup running back; and consider taking a chance on Rhamondre Stevenson, the rookie with potential. Happy trading!