Hello and welcome to the Week 2 edition of Hoppen to Conclusions! This is where I, Sam Hoppen, will share some of my favorite charts, which are designed to give you an overview of the NFL landscape. These charts focus on notable Fantasy Football trends and takeaways revolving around Kyle Pitts, Garrett Wilson, Drake London.

To kick things off 🏈 , let’s start with a look at Kyle Pitts. The Atlanta Falcons tight end has been making waves in recent games with his dynamic performances. His speed and agility have made him a standout player this season. Not only does he possess raw talent but also demonstrates great technical skills that make him a valuable asset for any fantasy football team.

Next up is Garrett Wilson from Ohio State Buckeyes who has shown consistent improvement over time. He exhibits fantastic route running ability combined with strong hands that rarely drop passes thrown his way – attributes that every fantasy owner dreams about having on their roster!

Then we have Drake London from USC Trojans who boasts impressive stats as well! His knack for finding open spaces coupled with his height advantage makes it difficult for defenders to cover him effectively. With each game he plays; he continues building upon his reputation as one of college football’s most promising wide receivers.

These three players show exciting potential in terms of future performance based on their current track records so far this season.

Now let’s delve into how these players’ performances can impact your Fantasy Football strategy:

Firstly when considering adding new players onto your team always remember quality trumps quantity – especially true when dealing with positions like tight ends or wide receivers where there’s often high variance week-to-week play.

Secondly don’t be afraid experimenting different lineups throughout the season – sometimes taking risks can yield big rewards!

Lastly stay informed about latest updates regarding injuries suspensions etc… because these factors could significantly alter player value overnight hence affecting overall success rate within league competition

In conclusion, the trends and takeaways from these players provide valuable insights into their potential for future performance. Whether you’re a seasoned Fantasy Football player or just starting out, keeping an eye on emerging talents like Kyle Pitts, Garrett Wilson and Drake London can give you the upper hand in your league.

So there you have it! A comprehensive overview of some trending names in the world of fantasy football. Be sure to keep this information close by as we continue through this exciting NFL season.