Welcome to Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season. 🏈 The first week was quite a rollercoaster ride, with many teams appearing rusty and others surprising us all with their player usage. As we look ahead to this second week, it’s time for some strategic advice on your fantasy football lineup.

The key players in focus are Bijan Robinson, David Montgomery, and Brian Robinson. Each has shown potential but deciding whether to start or sit them can be challenging.

Starting off with Bijan Robinson – he had an impressive run last season and showed promising signs during the initial games of this year as well. His agility on the field is remarkable which makes him a valuable asset for any team that he plays for.

David Montgomery is another player who you should definitely consider while setting up your lineups. He’s been consistent throughout his career and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t continue his good form into Week 2.

Brian Robinson may not have had an ideal start to the season but don’t let that fool you into underestimating his capabilities just yet! Despite facing tough competition in Week 1, Brian managed to put up decent numbers showing resilience against adversity

However, analyzing these players’ performances isn’t enough; one must also take into account their match-ups for Week 2 before making final decisions about starting or sitting them out.

Bijan will be playing against a defense that struggled significantly in their opening game – providing him ample opportunity to shine once again!

On contrary side David Montgomery faces a tougher challenge as they’re matched up against one of the best defenses from last year- so tread carefully here!

As far as Brian goes- despite having faced setbacks initially; his upcoming game seems more favorable giving him room make amends & prove himself worthy!

To summarize: Start Bijan given his opponent’s shaky defense; Sit David due its tough matchup unless you’re confident about taking risks; and consider starting Brian based on his promising upcoming match.

Remember, fantasy football isn’t just about the stats – it’s also about gauging the potential of each player and making strategic decisions. It’s a game that demands your active participation in analyzing players’ performances & predicting their future outcomes!

So take this advice into consideration while setting up your lineup for Week 2! Good luck to all, may you make the right choices and enjoy another exciting week of NFL action!