Welcome to Week 2 of the thrilling 2023 NFL season! 🏈 The first week was indeed a rollercoaster ride; we saw plenty of teams that looked rusty, while others served up some unexpected surprises with their player usage. As we look ahead to Week 2, this article will provide you with valuable advice on your Fantasy Football Start/Sit lineup.

The spotlight is on Drake London, DJ Moore, and Cam Akers this week. These three have shown remarkable potential in the past games and are expected to make significant contributions in their upcoming matches.

Drake London has consistently demonstrated his ability as an excellent wide receiver for the Falcons. His agility, combined with his superb catching skills makes him a top pick for any fantasy team. However, it’s essential to consider his performance against different defensive strategies before deciding whether he should start or sit for Week 2.

DJ Moore is another name creating buzz around fantasy football circles. His performances last season were nothing short of impressive and he seems ready to continue that momentum into this year as well. He’s been showing great chemistry with his quarterback which could translate into more targets and potentially higher points.

Cam Akers also deserves attention due to his consistent rushing yards gained per game during previous seasons playing for Los Angeles Rams. His strength lies not only in gaining yards but also scoring touchdowns making him an asset worth considering when choosing running backs for your line-up.

However remember each decision should be made after careful analysis taking into account opponent’s defense structure among other factors like weather conditions or injuries if any present at time of match

Moreover don’t forget about importance of having strong bench players who can step up when needed most especially during these unpredictable times where anything can happen including sudden injuries or changes within team dynamics

In conclusion keep track all latest updates regarding player health status along side studying patterns related individual performances over course season This way you’ll be better equipped decide whom start sit thereby increasing chances winning fantasy football league

Remember it’s not just about picking best players but also managing them wisely throughout season Good luck and enjoy thrill of NFL Fantasy Football!