Welcome to the exciting world of NFL DFS, where we are now entering week 2. The anticipation is high as the teams prepare for a thrilling 12-game slate full of opportunities from which fans and bettors can build competitive lineups. 🏈

The focus this week will be on identifying value plays that could potentially provide an edge in your daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests. There’s always a balance between risk and reward when picking players for your lineup, but understanding player values can help tip the scales in favor of success.

In Week 1, there were some surprising performances that turned unknown players into hot commodities overnight. While it’s important not to overreact to one game, these breakout stars definitely deserve consideration going forward.

As we approach Week 2, let’s take a look at some potential targets who might offer good value based on their expected performance compared with their cost or salary cap hit in DFS games.

Firstly, keep an eye out for Jared Goff from Lions team – his recent performances have been impressive enough to warrant attention moving forward.

Next up is Tom Brady from Buccaneers; despite being one of the most expensive options available due to his consistent high-scoring ability he may still bring great value if you’re willing to spend top dollar on him.

Another interesting prospect is Aaron Rodgers from Packers – although he had a disappointing start last week don’t write him off just yet! He has proven time and time again that he has what it takes bounce back after poor showings so watch this space!

Remember though: while star power certainly helps win games in real life football matches; it’s often those lesser-known names who end up stealing the spotlight when it comes down crunch time during fantasy matchups hence why they’re referred as ‘value’ picks.

With all these choices available however making final decisions about whom include within your roster isn’t easy task indeed especially given unpredictable nature sport itself nevertheless following few general tips might help streamline process somewhat:

– Look at the matchups: Some players simply perform better against certain teams than others, so be sure to consider this when setting your lineup.

– Consider the game script: This refers to how you expect a game to play out. For example, if you anticipate a high-scoring affair, it may be wise to stack players from that particular match.

– Don’t forget about injuries: They can have significant impact on player’s performance and availability so always stay updated with latest news regarding health status of all individuals involved.

In conclusion, Week 2 promises an exciting slate of games for NFL fans and DFS enthusiasts alike. While there are no guarantees in football or fantasy sports betting; by doing your homework and making informed decisions based on value plays targets advice provided here hopefully will increase chances success during upcoming contests!

Good luck!