We are already in Week 2 of the football season and, as always, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the horizon. Looking ahead to Week 3 might seem premature but considering potential players on waivers that you could stash away can be a strategic move. Rather than finding yourself in an all-out waiver-wire war with other managers when the time comes, why not act now? 🏈

The concept of ‘streaming’ has become increasingly popular among fantasy football enthusiasts. This strategy involves selecting players for your team based primarily on their upcoming matches rather than their overall quality or reputation.

This approach requires constant vigilance and flexibility from managers who need to study match-ups carefully each week while keeping abreast of player injuries and fluctuations in form.

So which players should you consider stashing for Week 3?

Firstly, look at quarterbacks who may have underperformed so far but have favourable matchups coming up. These QBs often get dropped by impatient owners after a slow start, making them perfect targets for savvy streamers looking towards future weeks.

Secondly, consider running backs (RBs) who aren’t necessarily the top performers right now but show promise due to changes within their teams like offensive line improvements or increased workload because of injured teammates.

Wide receivers (WRs) can also be valuable assets if they’re getting plenty of targets even if those haven’t translated into big points yet – sometimes all it takes is one breakout game for these WRs to become hot commodities!

Tight ends (TEs), though less consistent than RBs or WRs generally speaking, can still offer value especially in leagues where many teams carry more than one TE. Look out for TEs involved heavily in passing games; they could provide crucial points down the stretch when others are scrambling over scarce resources.

Lastly don’t forget about defenses! A defense facing weak offenses in upcoming weeks could turn out to be a gold mine of points.

Remember, the key to successful streaming is staying one step ahead. While others are focused on the current week, you should already be planning for the next. This proactive approach can often mean the difference between a win and a loss in your fantasy league.

So as we move into Week 2, start scanning that waiver wire and stash away those potential gems for Week 3. It’s never too early to plan ahead in Fantasy Football!