The world of fantasy football is always thrilling, with each week bringing its own set of challenges and opportunities. Week 3 has been no exception, as a new round of injuries have left managers scrambling for replacement options on the waiver wire.

One such target that’s gaining attention is Sam Howell. The young quarterback has shown promise in recent games, demonstrating an ability to make smart decisions under pressure while also showcasing his arm strength and accuracy. With some solid performances behind him, Howell could be a valuable addition to any team needing a boost at the quarterback position.

Justice Hill is another name that’s surfaced this week. Despite having had limited playing time so far this season due to injury issues himself, Hill possesses undeniable talent as a running back. His speed and agility allow him to exploit gaps in defensive lines effectively – something which could prove beneficial for managers looking for someone who can rack up points quickly.

De’Von Achane shouldn’t be overlooked either 🏈 . While he may not yet be widely known among casual fans or even some seasoned players alike, those who’ve seen his performances know what he brings to the table: explosive speed combined with impressive ball-handling skills makes Achane an enticing prospect indeed.

Finally there’s Hayden Hurst – A tight end who’s proven himself capable of making key plays when it matters most. His size and strength give him an advantage over many defenders while his hands are reliable enough that quarterbacks often look towards him during crucial moments in games.

Of course these aren’t your only options out there; other potential targets abound depending on how deep your league is or what positions you’re particularly weak in right now but they represent four names worth considering if you’re struggling after another weekend filled with injuries across NFL rosters.

Remember though: Fantasy Football isn’t just about picking up big-name stars off waivers every week – It’s also about spotting value where others don’t see it & being willing to take a risk on players who might not have been on your radar previously. So while Howell, Hill, Achane and Hurst are all worth considering this week – don’t forget to keep an eye out for those hidden gems that others may overlook.

To wrap up: Fantasy Football is as much about strategy as it is about knowledge of the sport itself. Being able to adapt quickly in the face of injuries or other unexpected events can be what separates successful managers from the rest. As Week 3 draws to a close and we look ahead at what’s next – remember these waiver wire targets and consider if they could help bolster your team for future success.